13 October, 2012

dark clouds dreaming

there's a universe out there, we no-longer care
digging ourselves deeper into a dare
eyes open wide, we continue to stare
this is our moment, we've got something rare

on we crawl into this new space
the maze, the vortex, who's hip in this tech race
broadening our horizons or simply entering the cage
dancers on a stage
ah, who's this brilliant sage

choreographed to perfection, check out my moves
aren't i a babe, don't i bring the right grooves

laid-back and dazed
here's the lawn, let us all graze
wait -
i don't hear anything
something's wrong with the way this shit tastes
where are my headphones, where's the sound?
wait, its all too late
we are all going down
we've thrown all the good shit away
this is my universe, what's that you said?
our shangri-la is their star so far
i'm the pariah
i carry forth the messages of the overlords
oh, there you are!

dark clouds screaming
lifting the head up, careening,
to stop me from dreaming
seemingly demeaning
all the same, so fucking relieving

yeah, that's right
that's where we pile up our shit, up high
when the time is right
when the dust settles and we've ceased the fight
when the time comes you'll see the night sky
holy bright light

didn't you hear them call it legit?
dropped my mitt in the snow, gotta find it
strike three, way to go, great hit
i bit my lip, you all saw it split
i saw my blip
you saw the blood drip
took a toke, breathed in - we all took a sniff

dream or no dream
dark clouds or night sky
wherever the sun may hide
i can see the light slowly die


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